Reflex Zone Therapy: For whom?

Reflex Zone Therapy is for everyone that has a specific health problem or a pain and wants to get rid of it.

If you suffer from any of the above mentioned indications or health conditions, give it a shot and book online a reflexology-session.

Indications / Contra-Indications for Reflex Zone-Therapy (Ear/Feet/Skull/ Stomach/Hands)


Chronically ill persons 

All traumas not related to surgical intervention

Sprain (muscles, ligaments), displaced joints or vertebras

Accident/Operation follow-up care

Arthrosis / joint pains

Neuralgic pains in arm, shoulder, neck, face


Open legs (ulcus varicosum)

Psycho-vegetative disorders

Viral infection of ear (herpes zoster)

Sciatic and lumbar pains

Pain in plantar venous arch

Movement disorder

Shoulder/Neck pain - Cervical Syndrome

Arm/Shoulder pain – Brachial Syndrome

Forearm/Epicondyle pains

Hip/Coxalgic pains/arthrose

Knee/Gonarthrosic pain/arthrose

Archil/Achillodyne pain


Breathing problems/Sinusitis

Trigeminus Neuralgia

Psycho-Vegetative Mental Orientation

Stomach pain/Gastritis

Vegetative Urogenital-Syndrome

PMS – Premenstrual-Syndrome

Excess Weight

Nicotin Abuse

Itchiness, Neurodermitis and Eczema


...and many more


Infectious diseases

Acute attack of rheum

Strong heart disease

Malignant disease

Acute inflammation

Pregnancy at risk

Very high fever

After freshly transplantations

Diseases that need to be operated

Genital diseases (HIV)

Multiple Sclerosis

Cancer patients

Diabetic in last phase