Foot Reflex Zone-Treatment: For whom?

A Foot Reflex Zone-Treatment is for everyone that wants to enjoy a wonderful moment of relaxation.
RoyalReflex Fuss 1

General indications include:

  • relieve stress
  • relaxation
  • lessen or reduce headaches
  • reduce oedema (swelling in extremities not related to Congestive Heart Failure)
  • strengthen immunity
  • improved mental function
  • increase of range of motion
  • reduce low back pain
Almost any disease can benefit from a good Foot-Treatment.

Indications / Contra-Indications for Foot Reflex Zone-Treatment


Chronically ill persons 

Low immune system

Sleep disorder

Accident/Operation follow-up care

Circulation Strain

Static Muscular Strain


Hyperactivity (children & adults)

Psycho-vegetative disorders

Transport Insufficiency (veins, diuresis)

Accompany Pregnancy (after 3rd month)

Lactation disorder

Maintain health of elderly persons


Infectious diseases

Malignant melanoma on the feet

Strong heart disease

Pulmonary emphysema

Acute inflammation

Pregnancy at risk

Very high fever

After freshly transplantations

Diseases that need to be operated

Genital diseases (HIV)

Acute thrombosis

Cancer patients

Diabetic in last phase