About me

I was born 1962 in New Jersey - USA, and have Swiss-/Caribbean roots and am a Swiss Citizen.

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish and a little Italian and Dutch

RoyalReflex Frederick King klein

During my holidays in 2003 I completed a minor diploma in “Thai Traditional Body Therapy”. In 2007 I went back and visited the same school completing the certificate in “Foot Reflexology” and in 2009 finished a training with a certificate in “Oil Therapy and Aromatherapy”. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking these courses and providing therapy treatments to my family and friends, I always felt there was more to improving Bodywork.

For me, the human body must be seen in the dimension of body structure, mind and soul. I am convinced that each individual must be seen in a holistic way. Each element in our body has a relationship to another. Thus, the human body’s interacts all with each other’s element. I especially find the interaction of movement and structure, as well as the impact of the reflexological corresponding points, fascinating. Consequently I undertook additional medical training with Oexle's Gesundheitsschule, Zurich and European Rolfing Association, Munich and subsequently became a Certified Advanced Rolfer® *.

As I worked for 9 years successfully with Thai Foot Reflexology and had many positive results, I decided to expand my knowledge and study Reflexology in depth at the Oexle’s Gesundheitsfachschule, Zurich and became a graduate Reflexologist.

I feel a great energy and pleasure meeting all kinds of different people, and enjoy building up trustful relationships with my clients. Together we discover the individuality of their bodies, and help them improve their life story. Through Reflexology, we detect where their body has become out of balance, and bring it again into balance, in order that pain or disorders fade away.

* Further information about Rolfing®, see www.royalrolfing.ch/en.